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RVCFI.com is a website created by Tim Olson, of MyRV10.com / MyRV14.com, dedicated to his endeavors as a CFI in Private and Commercial pilot training, and RV Transition Training, and the promotion of safety in flight.  Tim has built both an RV-10 and an RV-14A, and has over 1300 hours in the RV-10 and RV-14, traveling with them to 49 of the 50 U.S. States, and 4 non-U.S. countries, gaining many hours of varied flight experience.  It is his goal to share his knowledge of flying and engine management with his students and fellow RV pilots in the furtherance of safety.

In the future, Tim looks forward to obtaining his CFI-I in order to provide instrument instruction to fellow RV pilots.

To contact Tim, email him at Tim at this domain.  Due to the very large quantity of scams these days, his phone number and email address will not be published here in text form.