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The commercial pilot rating is a good way to enhance your aircraft handling skills, and further your aviation education, or refresh your previous training.  During the commercial course, you will study all prior private pilot topics, and some of the instrument pilot topics.  While commercial activities are not allowed in Experimental Category aircraft, it can still be a very rewarding rating to have, and by obtaining the rating, you will not only be renewed for another 2 years for your Biennial Flight Review, but you may be rewarded by lowered insurance costs as well.

The commercial rating does require the pilot to fly a complex retractable aircraft during the exam for at least a portion of the practical test, and the pilot will need 10 hours of complex time logged before they can obtain the rating.  I would strongly suggest that pilots take every opportunity, once they have their private certificate, to fly a variety of aircraft, and include complex aircraft and high performance aircraft in that mix.  Obtaining both a complex and high performance rating is a gateway to future opportunities in aviation.