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Obtaining your private pilot rating can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life.  It opens the door to all things aviation.  By becoming a private pilot, you can go places and have experiences that are unavailable to the masses.  Having flown in 49 of our 50 beautiful states, and 4 other countries, I can say that I continually see and experience things that I only wish I could share with the entire world.  It changes you as a person, and you appreciate more the earth we're on.  Flight training can be accomplished by people of most any age.  My own daughter began learning to fly from me at 14 and became very capable very quickly. After turning 15 we sent her to a local CFI to get some official training, and now she is training with me, awaiting her 16 birthday solo and her 17th for her practical exam.  By obtaining her private certificate while young, she opens the door to an entire lifetime of adventure.  I also have friends who are in their 70's and still flying and having a wonderful time with it.  I advise people to "seize the day", and get their private certificate while they have the motivation, before they allow their daily routine to drag them from their favorite pastimes.  Raising a family with the travels by air can be a wonderful experience for the entire family.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot, find an instructor local to you, and get started today.  I use the ASA private pilot kit, and recommend that as a good, and affordable option for your books and supplies.

One thing I do not offer right now is a full ground school course.  Your flight lessons will have associated ground time with them as we learn maneuvers and plan flights, but I suggest that students take advantage of video courses such as the very good Sporty's Private Pilot course, or King Schools Private Pilot course.  If you sign up for the Sporty's course, please use this code at checkout FLT9413, and I will receive a $25 gift card which I will use for pilot supplies.  For those who fall asleep during video courses, it is entirely possible if you are a thorough reader, to learn everything you need to pass the written test simply by reading the very good pilot books out there and taking the quizzes in each chapter.  That's how I did it many years ago.